Bielefeld University Library

Library bag - a bag for the library

The library bag in addition to the baskets allows you to carry comfortably work materials, notebooks or books within the library. The bag is:

  • transparent and stable
  • has solid fabric handles
  • and carries the library's logo.
Library bag ("Bibtasche")

The library bag is available only at the UniShop in the central hall of the main building for 4 €.

Discount summer semester 2018
From 23 April until 4 May 2018 students of Bielefeld University will receive the library bag in the UniShop at an introductory price of € 2 on presentation of their student ID card. All newbies will find a library voucher in their voucher booklet, which also entitles them to obtain a library bag for 2 €.

Except for the library bag and the previous plastic bags for laptops, no bags are allowed in the library - for the benefit of a good learning and working atmosphere and in order to continue to do without general bag checks.

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