Bielefeld University Library

Discussion Rooms

  • group work in closed rooms
  • also for groups of up to approx. 20 people
  • partially equipped with SMART Boards (electronic board with PC-feature) or LCD television for presentations etc.
  • reservation is possible for rooms with SMART Board

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Geschlossener buchbarer Raum Digitale Tafel Präsentationsmöglichkeit PC

  • with SMART Board:
    Main Building: C1-133, E1-151, V1-205
    Building X: F1-229
  • with LCD TV and DVD/Blu-ray Player:
    Main Building: E1-151
  • with LCD TV:
    Building X: F1-205, 207, 209, 211, 213, 227, 231, 233 und 235
  • without LCD TV:
    Main Building: C1-127, C1-131, E1-125, E1-137, E1-139, U1-142, U1-214, U1-216, V1-203, V1-207

Site Map

Discussion room numbers C1-127 and V1-207 are primarily intended as family-friendly Parent-Child Rooms.

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