Bielefeld University Library

Learning Zones

  • group work in open reading rooms
  • conversations explicitly allowed
  • homely furniture for individual or collaborative working and communicating in a relaxed atmosphere
  • WiFi, power sockets

Gespräche erlaubt Gruppenarbeitsplatz Strom Wasser trinken erlaubt

Präsentationsmöglichkeit Tageslicht Tafel mit Kreide/Whiteboard

  • Area U0 (! - entrance via U1)
  • Area C1
  • Area E1
  • Area U1

Site Map

Advice and Support at!

You will get qualified reference and information retrieval assistance Mon-Fri 8-18 by librarians from the reference department.
Qualified tutors of the writing consulting project Peer Learning are on site on Monday and Wedenesday 14.30 - 16. The peer learning project will assist on request to work together with students on writing and presentation projects.

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