Bielefeld University Library

Using the University's WiFi network

Working mobile with laptop in the library

In the library students and employees of Bielefeld University and the University of Applied Sciences may use IT services provided by the two instituitions and access the internet with their private laptops, tablets, smart phones or other mobile devices.

The library is integrated into the area-wide WiFi network (WLAN) of the university. A BITS account (University IT-Service-Centre) account may be used. You can use the WiFi all over the library, in the main hall of the university, the Westend-Cafeteria, the lecture rooms, the "Audimax" and at all seminar rooms on second floor level in the Main University Building. In Building X WiFi is available everywhere.

People who are not members of the University may also use Wi-Fi: inside the university - and therefore in all rooms of the library - the free Wi-Fi BI-free of the city of Bielefeld is available. After one hour connections to BI-free are automatically disconnected but you can reconnect again.

Visitors from an organisation that provides an eduroam "home" service for their staff and/or students should be able to use eduroam at Bielefeld University. Before your visit, you should set up your device according to your own organisation's instructions. If you have already configured your laptop/mobile device, you should be able to connect to the "eduroam" wireless network.

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