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The metasearch facilitates simultaneous searches in a multitude of different library catalogues and databases. After the search you can immediately find out how the texts are available - online, in print, via document delivery, in a library or an online book store.

When you search the!, several licensed databases will also be searched in one go. The results will be displayed in the tab "Articles and more".

In the metasearch you can also login. The personal login grants access to several enhanced features and can be used by members of Bielefeld University (students and staff):

  • The complete range of options including access to licenced databases, which are otherwise limited to on-campus use, is available anytime and anywhere
  • The contents of "Search History" and "My Folder" will be saved permanently, irrespective of session ends or logouts. Whenever you login anew, the data will be at your fingertips again.
  • Search strategies can be permanently saved as "Favourites" and can be reused anytime
  • Wherever your email address, password or library card number is needed, you will find the entry fields automatically prepared.
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