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Information for Newbies

The Library

Located in the Main University Building and Building X the library is divided into groups of departmental libraries very close to the faculties. The entrance to the libraries is always located on the first floor. Each entrance (Area) has a unique letter (e.g. Area U). Sometimes the floor is given, too (U1 = Area U, first floor). Each departmental library (abbreviated "FB") has a unique number (e.g. FB 11 = Departmental Library Law).

Site map of the departmental libraries

Opening Hours

Studying in the library is possible until 1.00 throughout the week and 22.00 on weekends. You may borrow or return materials until midnight during the week and till 22.00 on weekends.

Opening hours in detail

Essential Information to Get Started

  • Your student ID card (UniCard) also serves as library card (Where can I get a library card to borrow books?)
  • The library bag in addition to the baskets allows you to carry comfortably work materials, laptop or books within the library. Leave your coat and other bags in a locker in the library entrance (deposit: 2 Euro)
  • Water can be consumed in the library, food and hot or cold drinks are not allowed
  • Please speak softly. For discussion and group work we offer study environments (see below)

For all library rules please look up the regulation of usage (in German).​

Studying and Working

For undisturbed and concentrated studying choose the individual study zone or the PC workstations of the departmental libraries.

Our study environments are a combination of relaxing and studying. Cosy furniture create a pleasing ambience for reading, studying and chilling.The study environments offer zones for group work as well.

Learning zones

Discussion rooms are provided for collaborative work.

Some discussion rooms are equipped with electronic boards (SMART Boards):

SMART Boards



If you are looking for silence we recommend the designated quiet zones.

Silent areas

Of course printing, scanning and photocopying is possible in the library:

Printing in the library

Photocopying and scanning

You may use WiFi free of charge in the entire university building. The sole requirement is an BITS account.

Using the University's WiFi network


Borrowing and Renewal of Items

White call number labels on the spine mean that these items circulate, yellow labelled ones do not. The loan period amounts to 15 or 30 days.

How are books shelved?

You may take the items from the shelves and present them at one of the circulation desk for the circulation transaction or use the or self-service units with your student ID card (UniCard).

The circulation desks are manned Mon through Fri 8.00 - 18.00. Durng the complete opening hours (until 23.50 maximum) borrowing and retuurning of items is possible on self-service units.

The self-sevice units, recognisable by the green-lit surface, can be found in the foyer of the departmental libraries in areas D, E, T, U, V, and in Building X. Self-service units for returning can be found in the foyer of the departmental libraries in area D and U, as well as in Building X.

When borrowing / returning items on self-service units you will receive a receipt, which you should check for correctness and keep carefully.

You have the option to renew a book five times at the most, when there is no reservation for it. Please use the renewal feature in your Loan account - simply press the button "verlängern".

How to borrow, return, reserve, renew …


The University Library offers a great number of research tools (catalogues, subject databases, search engines):

Search options


Assistance and Tuitions

The Reference Department (area U0 - entrance via U1) will be pleased to answer any questions on library matters.

Reference Department

In the areas C1, T1 and in building X you will find a direct contact person at the service terminal, e.g. for library-specific questions, questions about the catalogue, loan status, book locations or reservations. The service terminals are open Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fachspezifische Unterstützung bei der Literaturrecherche erhalten sie bei den Fachreferentinnen und Fachreferenten.


You may ask a librarian via live-chat or e-mail. From Monday through Friday 8.00 to 18.00 you will get an answer immediately.

Questions and suggestions may be submitted via email 24/7:

Email support

The Library offers a variety of tuitions to show you how to develop searches and how to use the reference management program Citavi.

Tuition Calender (in German)

Reference Management

Since 2008 the Library provides students, faculty and staff of the university with the reference management program Citavi. Bibliographic information, call numbers and links to full texts can easily be imported .

Reference management and knowledge organization program Citavi (in German)

Citavi Tuitions (in German)