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Subject / Location Class Mark Dept. Libr. Location
Art FA-FC 14 X
Biology QQ-QW 19 E
Biotechnology QX 19 E
Business and Economics SA-SZ 13/03 V
Chemistry QI-QO 18 E
Classical Philology UA-UX 15.1 C
Nutrition Science TS-TT 21 D
Earth Sciences GA-GD 22 X
Educational Science and Media Science LA-LZ 16.4 T
Engineering TA-TG 17 E
English Language and Literature WA-WV 15.4 C
Fiber Craft FE 14 X
Gender Studies AR 05 X
German Language and Literature PA-PU 15.2 C
German Language and Literature: Low German. Dutch Studies. Scandinavian Studies OO-OY 15.2.1 C
History CA-EZ 14 X
Informatics HI-HL 10 V
Information Sciences AA-AD 01 U0
Law KA-KY 11 U1
Linguistics NA-OG 15.5 C
General and Comparative Literary Studies OH-ON 15.6 C
Other Literary Studies YA-YQ 15.9 C
Mathematics QA-QB 10 V
Mathematics: Didactics QC 10 V
Music FF 16.5 T
General Natural Science QY 20 E
Philosophy BA-BJ 26 X
Physics QD-QH 17 E
Psychology BK-BV 16.2 T
Public Health RP-RX 23 D
Romance Languages and Literature VA-VZ 15.3 C
Slavonic Studies XA-XZ 15.7 C
Sociology HM-IN,IQ-IY 12 X
Sport Science BX-BY 07 T
Statistics IP 13/03 V
Textile Design FE 14 X
Theology, Religious Studies AT-AZ 27 X
Special Locations: Microforms ZM-ZO 31-53 U0
Special Locations: Rare Book Collection - 88 -
Special Locations: Stack Collection ZA, ZS, ZZ 99 -
ZiF Library AF 02 ZiF

You can order books from the stack collection directly via the library catalogue. Books from the rare book collection can be ordered in the Special Reading Room which is located in the Reference Department (U0, entrance via U1). Your ordered books can be picked up at the circulation desk of the linguistics and literary studies library (entrance D1). Non-circulating material is available for on-site use in the Special Reading Room.