Bielefeld University Library

Photocopying and Scanning

Copiers with Scanning Feature

Each departmental library provide copiers. These machines are designed to scan and print as well. You can determine the actual placements of the copiers in the respective floor plans.

The amounts due (see price list on the right) are debited to your UniCard (Student ID card) or Servicecard.

Scanned documents can be saved directly to USB flash drive.

Using Copiers with UniCard

Coin-operated copiers can be found in the departmental libaries in C, U and in Building X.

In the discussion room of the law library (U1-142) a special shelf was put up, where current editions of relevant books are arranged and tied with chains. These books cannot be taken away for copying etc. For this reason the library has installed a scanning machine right in front of the shelf in order to enable users to scan pages and save them to USB flash drive. You may choose between the options colour, gray-scale and black-and-white (text scans). Colour and gray-scale scans will automatically be saved in JPG format, text scans in TIF format. The handling is easy and free of charge.

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